Friday, March 13, 2009

More About Manga

The day I bought that manga for junior high school girls (- -); I also got two others. "Honey and Clover" was one, and "Ouran" was the other. I know both stories, well more or less, but Honey and Clover was impossible to read. It doesn't have furigana in some places, and I have to look up every second word up in the dictionary.

Ouran was a bit hard to read too, but there is furigana everywhere, and it wasn't every second word, it was maybe every third word that I had to look up. It's still a lot, but I am really going to give it a go. I think it will be a pretty good way to study, even though it's a bit too difficult. I love Ouran so much anyway :D. It sure beats reading junior high school romance manga O_o... I mean, maybe that other manga is a good book, but it's quite way below my level, and the story isn't so great, and also I don't really like the illustrator either.

(Picture found through google and taken from here.)

And of all the illustrators whose work I've seen, Watsuki Nobuhiro is my favourite. He is the one who made Kenshin manga.

(Picture found through google and taken from here.)

~ Studying Japanese reminds me of studying English back in the day. Then me and my brother used to watch movies with a valid excuse that it was for the purpose of studying English. Now I can read manga and watch drama with the just as valid excuse that it's for studying Japanese, because it actually is. Don't you love language study? ^ ^

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